Digital Bricks & Panels the next level of personalized from a single unit to the whole city; simple and limitless. "FUTURE OF HYPER-LIVING FOR COGNITIVE-CITY"

22 : 2 : 2022

Around the world, people spent 33.1% of

their total income on housing-related expenditures.

Living maintenance and renovation required a lot of time, effort,

and often need a lot of budgets. Global real estate development technology

has had a slow evolution for the past decades and has never really

changed for over 200 years.

BUTTERFLY22X (BTF) works under pressure for a limited time. Climate crisis and world resources are limited and we need to hurry. We reimagine a whole new solution to change the fundamentals of living units.

Digital Bricks & Panels completely redefine the true definition of HYPER-LIVING to serve the concept of cognitive city, connecting both physical and digital infrastructure, so called SPACEXBOX. BTF connects every part of data; from more than 10,000 micro parts embedded inside the unit, with AIoTs, smart devices, by our cutting edge data transmission system, creates seamless connectivity. We transform the status quo of the foundation by making it scalable, more efficient, more eco-friendly to promote sustainability in our ecosystem.

We dare to flip over 200 years of property industry fundamentals with the revolution of the new hyper technology invention, creating multiplier butterfly effects, to 9 business areas with unique competitive advantages.

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