At BUTTERFLY22X the future is just around the corner.

22 : 2 : 2022

Around the world, people spent 33.1% of
their total income on housing-related expenditure.
Living maintenance and renovation required a lot of time,
effort, and often needs a lots of budget. Global real estate
development technology has a slow evolution for the past decades
and has never really changed for over 200 years.

BUTTERFLY22X works under pressure of limited time. Climate crisis and
world resources are limited and we need to hurry. We reimagine a whole
new solution to change the fundamentals of living units.

BUTTERFLY22X will not use brick, stone, mortar and sand as a main material
to build the houses to avoid possible crack and leaks over time.

We recreate alternative Living Space hardware technology platform hat
is super easy to build, decoration, renovation, maintenance and upgrade.
This is what we call Hyper-Living Tech.

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