With our engineered products, we re-invented with the whole new way to build living unit for any industries.

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Incredible Structure with M&E and IoTs Embedded

We engineered our own structure that not only fit our wall, floor, and ceiling but also integrates the embedded IoT system with the redesigned electrical system into the wall. This allows BUTTERFLY22X ecosystem products to communicate seamlessly together which allows users to control everything in one place.

Intelligent Bricks for building Smart Wall, Floor, and Ceiling

Our uniqueness brick that cast into universal block in simple shapes, with proprietary install modules that fits into XFrame and support XSurface installation.


Easily change Surface as frequently as you need

XSurface is engineered for the aesthetics of living. You can freely choose a variety of surfaces and materials for the walls, floors, and ceilings in different styles and functionality ie. woods, stones, metallic, fabric ie. They can be easily removed and changed by yourself, no need for special tools.


Quickly Detach & Relocate Built-in Furniture in a minute

Our proprietary technology allows built-in furniture to become plug and play, which can instantly change multiple functions to fit any lifestyle at any period of life.

Aero-dynamic Contour Air-flow System

We reinventing environment friendly by re-engineered seamlessly integrate our a/c unit into the new systems, which can simply control spread airflow throughout the whole unit with customization areas contour. We are not only integrated IoTs to make the climate environment smooth and comfort but the Ai system makes into the well-being of life.


IoT Eco-system Platform

XThing infrastructure platform created a super easy plug and play in multiplayer IoT providers that don't need to design multi-plug and wiring electric socket with very boring process went yours have more and more IoT devices. BUTTERFLY22X XThing reengineering the universal electric base allows all IoT devices to communicate and linked Platform hyper-IoT experience.

play your multiple dreams VIA APP

Our products are built for super-easy connecting via the BUTTERFLY22X duplex secured network platform, which means all living units are able to add, move, or upgrade, surfaces, built-in furniture, IoT devices in multiple cases even warning alert and notifications that built-in appliances freely and easily.

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With our flexible advanced plug & play living platform, which allows you to customize, personalized unbelievably seamless, timeless, limitless to suit your constant dreams, lifestyle, function, new technology, and business.


uncompromised to any dreams

Instantly change anytime, no demolishing, no disassembling, no drilling.

Just click, remove, and install.

If you're having a new situation to deciding the suitable layout that best suits your living needs,

we have breakthrough that limitation.

One core system for all fundamentally co
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